Under Construction

We're in our 7th week of serious house renovations. No kitchen or laundry expected for another 3 weeks, furnace intermittently conking out. I'm still wearing night braces for my ankles and I'm still walking downstairs crabwise. I am, in a word no, make that 2 words - fed up!

As if that weren't enough, I find myself knitting another pink baby blanket following Sharon Miller's Cobweb Crepe pattern as a base. Yarn? 100% vintage acryllic of course, Paton's Fairytale fingering. I estimate that it's from the early 80's.

I knit my first sweater from a Paton's acryllic yarn in 1968 or so. My daughter was still wearing it in the 90's. Good stuff. 

My concentration level is very low. I'm saving my wits to reflect on key questions like, should we run the fan or not? Why is there an electric outlet in this cupboard. What were we thinking? 

So, forgive me if my postings are spotty for a while longer. Things are a bit of a mess around here.


Mary Lou said…
Oh, my sympathies. Our project is ongoing, but at least doesn't involve the kitchen or the bathroom. Sorry your tendons are still tender!
Anonymous said…
I really loved that red sweater. It never faded, it retained it's shape nicely. I'm not sure what happened to it...

Helen said…
Night braces on your ankles? Did I miss something? Or have I forgotten? I hope the furnace stops conking out and that you don't run out of clean clothes :) the main thing is to keep knitting.
Raveller said…
Thanks for the good wishes. I think they are called night splints rather than night braces. They hold your foot in a position so that the achilles tendons are kept stretched. They alternately drive me mad and make me feel better. The furnace problem has been resolved and while the renovation is at times challenging, there are only about 3 weeks left and we see progress every day.
Marjorie said…
Based on my experience with a window and siding replacement, there's nothing that messes up consistent knitting more than having workers invade your home. Do the best you can to muddle through. Look at the bright side--you may just knit up your stash of vintage acrylic.

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