How I spent my 40 bucks

I bought wool, yeah.  I stayed in a hotel with this in this lobby. I should've stood next to it. It was my height and it was plastic.

I saw this out my window....

After settling in, I took the complimentary car to the LYS, the Shabby Sheep... The complimentary car was a huge, spanking new, black SUV with mirrored windows. On the way to Boll St., I discussed the Republican primaries with the driver, in French.

I spent an enjoyable half hour chatting with the knitters in the LYS. They were like knitters everywhere, they just dressed fancier.

There was yarn bombing to be seen. 

I spent my yarn money on three skeins of something called Merino Mia in the Plum Dandy colour way. Dyed in Florida, but looks and feels like Koigu. That was a local as I could get. 

After I made my purchase, I sauntered next door, where a teacher was preparing a knitting lesson. 

I sat on the long porch in a wooden chair and watched the sun setting, knitting aimlessly on a scarf.

There were lovely wooden rocking chairs.

And there were two cats. This is Winston, a part Siamese feral cat who has had his shots and what not. He comes to eat on the porch every day. There was another cat named Hitler, with a growth on his upper lip, I kid you not.

Here's Winston, settling in to watch the scene as ladies arrived for their knitting lesson.

After a while, I called the complimentary car to take me back to my hotel. I had a great first day in Dallas.

The next day I went to a horrendous 7 hour meeting. I had to change hotels. My new room had this view.

I went home the next day and cleaned out the basement. Who knew.


Julie said…
Kitler. Cats that look like Hitler. There's even a website. Isn't there a website for EVERYTHING?
Mary Lou said…
Oh, sadly I have seen the Kitler website myself. Good way to spend your money, I say. I've had some very interesting conversations with cab drivers in other cities. Was this one Hatian? In Washington DC they know more about politics than the local papers here. I suppose lots of them are quite well educated, just can't work in their field in the US. Love that HIDEOUS pegasus.
Raveller said…
Kitlers. Who knew? They were both very nice kittehs in any case. I really enjoyed my first day in Dallas.

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