A Bit of Frost

Sunday morning. Up here by Lake Ontario it is balmy 40 F (4 C) this sunny Sunday morning. The 50 year snow storm which hit the Atlantic coast missed us entirely. We had only a little frost on the ground and plants these past few mornings.  

I have admitted Vitamin D into my wardrobe even though I think I'd look better in it if I lost 5 or 10 pounds. I got compliments on it at knit night on Thursday and at work on Friday. I will not post the side view. In any case, it's tremendously comfortable, soft and light feeling. You could easily amend the pattern to leave out the short rows and just knit it as a normal top down cardigan to whatever length you like. Note to self: keep on trying to buy trousers that fit properly. 

Thanks for the comments on pattern choice. I am leaning toward modifying Celtic Dreams and knitting as a cardigan. It would be easy to do by leaving out the centre cable, lovely as it is, and maybe adding a couple more narrow cables on either side of a steek. Tweedy Aran is lovely, but the collar could be itchy and it has that dangerous horizontal line in the mid section, as Joan points out. 

A few posts ago, Helen asked about the cardigan pattern that I have had success with.  It is called Delicate Details was published in 1991 in Paton's Cardigans Booklet no. 654. It's a fairly standard cardigan pattern featuring a faroese type lace yoke. I think that the reason that it works for me is that it draws attention to the bust and shoulders and away from the midsection. 

My best advice is to spend time in a store that has a lot of knits, or possibly before your own closet, trying on different styles until you find one that suits you. Figure out why it suits you and then look for patterns like it. It is important that you be accompanied by an honest, yet supportive critic as the process can be discouraging and exhausting. 

Here is the cover of the Paton's booklet with an image of the pattern in question. Ignore all styling, colour, youth of the model and so on. The yoke pattern is the thing here.


Mary Lou said…
I just got back from being stuck in the 50 year storm. My sister lives in one of the hardest hit areas, and still has no power. Great timing, no?

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