Hanging in there..

It's still Winter in Western New York. A lot of the white stuff melted in the last 2 days but as of tomorrow, it's back to the deep freeze. Nevertheless, Spring is in the air. Somehow. Somewhere.

I think that for me, the rest of this season will pass very quickly. I find myself with two jobs, coming home stunned at the end of the day.

Knitting continues. I had just time to snap this photo of a baby blanket that I knit for a co-worker before giving it to her. I used the charts and math from Sharon Miller's Cobweb Crepe pattern, but I made a smaller center and left off the edging. I think it's just right for a pram blanket for a little baby (Lamb's Pride Superwash Worsted on 4mm needles)

I've knit one of a pair of the Honeycomb mittens from Homespun Handknit. It was easy and yet fun to watch the little windows accumulate on the needles. Like the blanket above, if you look around you'll find many similar patterns for what is basically the same item. This pattern calls for sport weight yarn , but I used worsted and just knit the smallest size to get an average women's size.


Mary Lou said…
I hear you. I asked my boss the other day when our motto could become doing less with more. She did laugh. So why did I take on a extra knitting class? Shoot me next time. The sunlight makes it feel like a cold spring day, I think. It was in the 40's last week and lots melted, but 12 this morning and snow on the way.

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