Blues and Purples

I have interpreted the completion of the GS Catharina as a of license to start a whole host of new projects. The Swing Jacket is brought out only when mindless knitting is on the menu. It won't take long to finish it and the cold weather will motivate me soon enough. My logic may be bit shaky here, but knitting oughta be fun, right? Here is some of what I have been up to.

As mentioned in my last post, I started with playing with mosaic knitting, trying to take the technique beyond its usual geometric, crafty look. I used two pale shades of Berocco Seduce, a fine linen/microfibre yarn. One is off white and the other is a variegated blue/gray. I knit a 12' x 4.5" rectangle. I shaped one end of into a flap and sewed up the sides. The resulting fabric feels like a good linen suit jacket.

Here's a close-up. You can kinda, sorta see the mosaic pattern. Click. Click.

It's held shut by a snap underneath the button. You get to pore over your button collection for this project. Here, I've stuffed the bag with a little packet of tissues, but you can keep anything in it and toss it in your purse. Think presents!

Here's the back:

Next, I'll work a subtle variegated yarn against a bold background and see how that works out. I have some worsted weight so I'll make a larger bag. For the sake of comparison, I'll knit the same mosaic stitch pattern as I did for the small bag. I'm thinking of felting it. Hopefully it won't look too much like typical mosaic knitting, which I think rather imitates the look of very structured embroidery - okay in small bits. Mmmm..Malabrigo!

I also started a silky blue Swallowtail shoulder shawl for my elderly aunt (who is 91!)

Finally, I'm several repeats into the Handmaiden's Storm Water Shawl using 2 complimentary skeins of blue and purple Sea Silk. But let's keep that for another day.


Helen said…
I think your logic is impeccable. I've just decided that I'm too tired to knit a sweater for a tiny rabbit and I'm going back to the agreeably endless Billie. Your restrained mosaic colours are lovely.
Mary Lou said…
I love that mosaic approach, and look forward to seeing your next experiment. I also love what looks to be a birdhouse behind the swallowtail. Is it?
Marjorie said…
I've always been turned off a little by mosaic knitting because it had a rather unfinished look about it, but the way you've combined colors changes the whole appearance of those stitches. I'll be eager to see how colors with more contrast look.

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