I'm in Wakefield, Quebec this week, knitting by the Gatineau River. The river is slow this year. Held up at the dam upstream for some purpose or other. The reduced current makes it easier to swim, but reedy in places. When the wind is still, the water is like a mirror.

Yesterday morning, I got up early and went canoeing with my sister Frances. She let me sit in the front of the canoe. Here's how the water looked rowing to the northwest, toward town at about 8 a.m.

And here's what it looked like rowing to the south east, towards the sun.

In knitting, I am working on 2 projects. Here's the beginning of a Garter Stich Catharina from Stahman's Scarves and Shawls.

I also have the hazy beginnings of a new summer top which is not yet worth showing.

Mary Lou, the Wakefield Bakery is still in existence, though I understand from the locals that it caters mostly to the people who come for the day on the steam train up from Hull.

The really good bakery is Pipolinka around the corner. Lavender Scones. Mmmmm.

Here's the Wakefield Bakery from the outside:

The Wakefield Bakery from the inside. Got a decent loaf of bread here:

And here's the unassuming, yet wonderful Pipolinka:


Mary Lou said…
Thanks for the photos. If I ever make it back up there, I'll check out Pipolinka for sure. And nice canoe shots. Sigh.
Helen said…
That canoe picture is pure René Magritte. Nature imitating art!

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