Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year

We received our first snow of the winter overnight on December 26th. It's barely stopped since. It makes going for a walk a bit more challenging than usual but it's a
bsolutely gorgeous to look at.

Here are some things that I would like to knit in the coming months. Excuse the margins.

1) Finish my Fleurette II cardigan. I have only the top of the sleeves to do and to put it all together.

2) Knit up the Amaryllis Mittens kit that I won as a prize last year in NaKniMitMo 2012 during the month of January.

3) Knit a secret wedding shawl before the beginning of March.

4) Chug along on my current North Sea Shawl, a very relaxing project, pictured below.

5) Hem and press the bleeping living room curtains that I recently sewed and hung in place, also pictured below. The ones in the previous post only cover half the windows. I had a complete pair of beautiful, pale green ones that I found in the Salvation Army in Bath, NY, but the fabric was disintegrating. I'm blessed/cursed with 5 windows on a curved foundation. I priced out custom drapes and was horrified at the price. I bought new fabric for these, used the existing curtain rod and hooks, but had to order pleating tape on the internet! If you knew what I went through originally to concoct the curtain rings... I'm convinced there's a plot against decent homemade curtains. It's so hard to get everything you need. Some things, like those I-beam rods have ceased to exist. I      could have sewn the pleats, but these will be adjustable down the road, if I ever move elsewhere.

PS. Helen - wow, a litter of white kittens!