Friday, July 30, 2010

Home again, home again

After my week in Wakefield, I tottered off to Montreal and situated myself on this garden swing. My entire vacation was punctuated by visits to yarn shops and knitters. You know the kind of thing - you tell yourself that you're only on the look out for yarn which comes from the vicinity in which you find yourself. Kind of like beer drinkers, I imagine. Either you get carried away or you don't.

In Ottawa, I bought 7 skeins Diamond Yarns Luxury Collection Zen (Soy/Bamboo/Cotton) at KnitKnackers on Bank Street, enough to make this summer top. This is the first thing that I've knit for myself since February. I liked knitting with this yarn. I am amazed that it isn't heavy feeling like so many Bamboo yarns are. Also, the price was right - $4.99 per skein.

In case you are wondering, I knit this sideways - stocking stitch with lace insertion on the miccle front and under the arms. Shaping only for the neck. Finished with I-Cord knit on to smooth the edges. I'm glad that Diamond is making decent, accessibly priced yarn. I didn't see much of it elsewhere, sadly.

In Wakefield, I knit with Aniko, Katdry and WakefieldPotter as well as with my sister and daughter. The Wakefield crowd is dyeing their own handspun as well as some super yarn from wholesaler Amtex Yarns in Toronto. My sister and daughter and I went to their Knit Night - very hospitable folks! I wanted to go to Katdry's studio above the Tulipe Noir, but ran out of time. Apparently they sometimes bring the yarn and their spinning wheels to the weekend market.

And of course there was a certain yarn shop in Montreal where I picked up some really nice souvenirs: Mouliné Fine Yarns on Notre Dame St. I acquired 4 skeins of the Handmaiden's Flaxen (65% Silk, 35% Linen). Oooh. Also, Tanis Fibre Arts' Blue Label fingering weight and Pink Label Lace weight, just a skein of each to try. Apparently, according to a chatty individual who was lodged in the Armchair by the cash, Tanis gets her yarn from Amtex as well and they are the also company that makes the Sea Cell that the Handmaiden dyes. Better than that other stuff that people are using per the Armchair. Mouliné is the one Montreal yarn shop where I feel most comfortable. I can always find something really nice and something else for a really good price there. My kind of place.

Finally, the Blue Fir Cone Diamondways sees the light of day!

Despite what the Armchair had to say about this yarn (I listened for a good hour to its gossip), I absolutely love knitting with the Karabella Lace Merino that I used for this shawl. I unpinned it when I came home and took some pictures. I'll probably take more before I let it go to it's future home (in Russia!). Anyway, here they are - just goes to show what you can do with a few stitch dictionaries and a few techniques.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I'm in Wakefield, Quebec this week, knitting by the Gatineau River. The river is slow this year. Held up at the dam upstream for some purpose or other. The reduced current makes it easier to swim, but reedy in places. When the wind is still, the water is like a mirror.

Yesterday morning, I got up early and went canoeing with my sister Frances. She let me sit in the front of the canoe. Here's how the water looked rowing to the northwest, toward town at about 8 a.m.

And here's what it looked like rowing to the south east, towards the sun.

In knitting, I am working on 2 projects. Here's the beginning of a Garter Stich Catharina from Stahman's Scarves and Shawls.

I also have the hazy beginnings of a new summer top which is not yet worth showing.

Mary Lou, the Wakefield Bakery is still in existence, though I understand from the locals that it caters mostly to the people who come for the day on the steam train up from Hull.

The really good bakery is Pipolinka around the corner. Lavender Scones. Mmmmm.

Here's the Wakefield Bakery from the outside:

The Wakefield Bakery from the inside. Got a decent loaf of bread here:

And here's the unassuming, yet wonderful Pipolinka:

Friday, July 9, 2010

Air mattresses and pull-out couches...

Between packing lunches and tidying up before leaving on holiday, I managed to block the Blue Fir Cone. Here are the photos that turned out...

When we crossed the border at Ogdensburg, we saw this sign and turned left.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Hot. Holiday. Blue Fir Cone. Family. Potato Salad. Chaos.

Heat. Fireworks. Dark crowds. Daughter. Sister. Waldorf Salad. Mine has carrots.

Work. Games. Suitcase. Space. No place to block the Blue Fir Cone.